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Flute | Whistle | Guitar

Philippe Barnes

“breathtaking” – MOJO

“I’ve heard nobody else who can make the Boehm flute sound like the true traditional thing, who can mould tone to fit the tune so nicely… the sheer musicality is exceptionally impressive…” – Jon Brophy, Irish Music Magazine

New 5-Track EP from Philippe Barnes & Tom Phelan. Featuring Duncan Lyall (Treacherous Orchestra) – Double Bass, Tad Sargent (CrossHarbour) – Bodhran, and Ollie Boorman (All Jigged Out) – Drums

  1. Castlebrook/Eric’s Jig/Joan Brodie’s (Barnes)
  2. Jigeria (Barnes)
  3. Trip to Pontivy (Barnes)
  4. Headwood Crossing/Cavers of Kirkcudbright/Duncan The Gauger (Patrick Davey/Mike Vass/Evan MacRae)
  5. Down (Barnes/Tim Cotterell)

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Remote Recording

Remote recording of flutes (Concert Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo, Irish Flute, Bamboo Flutes), Low Whistles, Uilleann Pipes, Acoustic Guitar available.

I have a high quality studio setup at home, and regularly record flute and whistles for film & TV composers remotely.

Equipment: Pro Tools/Logic, Sibelius, Universal Audio Apollo, Neve 8801, AEA R84, Neumann K184’s.

Films – The Imposter | Dark Horse | Emma | The Funeral | Brothers of War | Body in the Park

TV – PBS “Magic of the Snowy Owl” | BBC2 “The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco” | BBC Horizon “Should I Really Test My Health” | Discovery Channel “Fighting Hatred”, “Trailblazers” | ITV “Sanditon”

Albums – Amy Dickson | Dizraeli & The Small Gods | Syd Arthur | 1916 The Musical | Lee Westwood | Attab Haddad | CrossHarbour | Franc O’Shea | Kirsty Bromley | Mike Carter | All Jigged Out | Philippe Barnes & Tom Phelan | Mooose | Mike Considine | The Wilderness Yet

This new trio combines the acclaimed talents of folksinger Rosie Hodgson, traditional fiddler Rowan Piggott, and guitarist-flautist Philippe Barnes. Independently, they have earned audiences’ esteem as consummate musicians; together, they weave a tapestry of traditional & self-penned songs with a charm and familarity that is usually only found in seasoned line-ups.​

We are currently crowdfunding our debut album, offering pre-orders, artwork prints, lyric sheets, house concerts, instrumental lessons and more! Please head over to our Kickstarter page to support us!

Our Kickstarter


Upcoming Gigs (2020)

CANCELLED  Sirius Arts Residency
POSTPONED  Hambledon Folk Club
CANCELLED – Grand Union Folk Club​​
CANCELLED Gate To Southwell
CANCELLED – Cottingham Folk Club
CANCELLED Warwick Folk Festival
CANCELLED Sidmouth Folk Festival
12/8 – Hambledon Folk Club
5/9 – London Folk Festival
25/9 – Toy Museum, Brighton
18/10 – Black Fen Folk Club

6/12 – Dulwich Folk Club, London

Visit The Wilderness Yet

Skype Flute / Whistle / Guitar Lessons

Skype lessons for Flute (Concert Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo, Irish Flute, Bamboo Flutes), Low Whistle, Uilleann Pipes, and Acoustic Guitar available.

I’ve been teaching people over Skype for a year or two now, and can help you play Irish music on your silver flute; teach you tunes on wooden flute or whistle; or even teach you all my fruity DADGAD guitar chords guaranteed to confuse/delight/disorient!

Although I have a Masters in Irish music, I also offer classical lessons for those who would prefer.

I charge £35 an hour, please drop me a message if you fancy a one off or regular lessons.

“A fine example of how traditional Irish music is still thriving in a modern way” – Martin Chilton, The Daily Telegraph.

“I saw the future of trad music and its name is CrossHarbour.” –

“This band is going places” – Sean Laffey, Irish Music Magazine.

“Their sound captures the brio of early Solas with the rhythmic complexity of Lúnasa and the wildness of vintage Altan.” – John O’Regan, fRoots

CrossHarbour is a dynamic new band emerging from London’s thriving traditional Irish music scene. Fusing well-loved traditional tunes and songs with self-penned material and original arrangements, CrossHarbour are gaining recognition for their highly virtuosic and energetic yet polished performances.

With two sold-out gigs at London’s Return to Camden Town Festival, as well as performances at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Southwell Folk Festival and the St Patrick’s Day festival in Trafalgar Square under their belts, CrossHarbour are already exciting audiences in the UK, and quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the folk world.

Their debut album was released in May 2014 and received a positive reception from, amongst others, Songlines, fRoots, The Daily Telegraph and The Irish Times. They are currently working on new material that will make up a second album… watch this space!


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