Irish Music on the Silver Flute

Philippe Barnes is the leading exponent in playing Irish Music on the Silver Flute and over the years he has perfected the techniques used he uses to make a classical flute sound like a traditional simple flute.  In this 12 chapter book Philippe breaks down his ornamentation methods and how to best put these into tunes to make your silver flute sound like the true traditional thing.

“A wealth of information for silver flute players who wish their instrument to sound more like a traditional wooden flute.” – Living Tradition Magazine

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Modern Chord Progressions for DADGAD Guitar

A book of chord progressions in DADGAD guitar tuning for backing traditional music, including strumming patterns and chords for use with and without a capo. All of the main keys are covered and tablature and notation are both provided. Philippe’s guitar book is uniquely presented in a clear and concise way, it’s perfect to gain an understanding of how to accompany traditional tunes

“In this book Philippe Barnes has cleared the fog from this tuning…This book will pay dividends for any accompanist looking to invest in their own chord bank.”Seán Laffey, IRISH MUSIC MAGAZINE

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DADGAD-Guitar Chord-Progressions