The Clearwater Sessions Vinyl




London Launch Gig Thursday 28th March 24

The long awaited follow up to the Madrid Sessions.

Also available as CD Digipak

The Clearwater Sessions is the new album from Philippe Barnes and Tom Phelan.

Original and traditional music inspired by Celtic tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.

Recorded in Clear Track studios, Clearwater, Florida in February 2023. Going somewhere to record that’s totally away from the distractions of home allows space to create and take inspiration from a new place. We were looking for a studio with a great piano, and an engineer who would understand the music. Stephen Clark at Clear Track has recorded everyone from Chick Corea to ZZ. Top, and was incredible to work with. Consummately professional, he
made it a real joy to record. We released the Madrid Sessions in 2005, and an EP in 2016. Now you can buy the sheet music to some of the pieces from those albums and flute players all over the world from Australia to Chile are playing the pieces themselves.
Live performances in the studio which capture the energy and interplay of the flute and piano. Which is what made the Madrid Sessions so special. this time around I’m playing a mix of wooden flute and whistle. As well as the silver flute. Some traditional tunes, but mostly original tunes that Tom has re-harmonised and worked his magic on.